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White Water Rafting In Kashmir
White Water Rafting In Kashmir

White Water Rafting  in Kashmir – service provider of white water rafting pahalgam,river rafting in pahalgam,river rafting in kashmir,kashmir tour packages. white water rafting in pahalgam  can be a part of your any tour program with us or you can do it as a separate option even if you are travelling on your own.The stretch for 2.5 km white water rafting Pahalgam  ( lidder joy ride ) , 5 km White Water Rafting Pahalgam ( lidder long ride ) and 8 km White Water Rafting Pahalgam (extra long ride ) with grade II to III and IV rapids on Lidder River which flows from Pahalgam is located at Varganpal bridge , Varganpal bridge  and langanbal  Bridge, 12 km,12 km and 3 Km  from Pahalgam and 72 km ,72 km and 88 km from Srinagar respectively.The lidder river (Lidder means turmeric) originates from Mt Kolahoi glacier and Shehnag lake etc. flows from North West to south east as a great delight through Pahalgam into river Jhelum, one of the five rivers of Punjab which join ultimately Indus.The stretches of white water rafting Pahalgam ( lidder joy ride with grade II to III rapids ) and ( lidder long ride with grade II to III rapids ) are of introductory to moderate difficulty but the stretch of white Water Rafting Pahalgam( Lidder Extra long Ride with grade II ,II and IV rapids )  is bit-technically difficult at a few rapids of grade IV rapids. But nothing to worry about much as our professionally trained guides will take good care of you. We use Extra guide or two to ensure safety on grade IV rapids This trip is recommended for the people who have done some sort of rafting earlier.The rafting trip start at Langanbal Bridge and finishes at Ganeshpora a distance of 8 km will be reached in half an hour. Even the ride is short but it is a lot of joy for all ages from 12 years onward.

Trip Facts Of White water Rafting Pahlgam (Lidder Joy Ride )

From Varganpal to YaneerBride 

Price Per person Rs.400 /person (Approved b J K Tourism Depoartment kashmir
Minimum 4 person
Season Mid April  up to Ending September.
Trip Distance  2.5  Km approximately.
Rapid Grade II, &  III
Actual Ride  10 – 15 minutes ride
Trip Facts Of White water Rafting Pahalgam ( Lidder Long Ride )

From Varganpal to Ganeshpora

Price Per person Rs.800 /person (Approved b J K Tourism Depoartment kashmir
Minimum 4 person
Season Mid April  up to Ending September.
Trip Distance  5  Km
Rapid Grade II, &  III
Actual Rid 20 – 25 minutes  ride
Trip Facts Of White water Rafting Pahalgam ( lidder Xtra Long Ride )

From Langabal to Ganeshpora 

Price Per person Rs.1200 /person (Approved b J K Tourism Depoartment kashmir
Minimum 4 person
Season Mid April  up to Ending September.
Trip Distance 8  Km approximately.
Rapid Grade II,  III & IV
Actual Ride 40- 45  Min ride 
Service Inclusions of white water rafting Pahalgam

1. A raft
2. Two Raft Guides
3. Assistance on Boarding
4. Helmet
5. Life Jacket
6. Change Room and put in and Put out points.
7. First Aid
8. Life Insurance.

Service Exclusions white water rafting Pahalgam

1. Wet suit
2. Wet boots
3. Any form of wet gear
4. Sandals

 Packing List for  White Water Rafting Pahalgam

• Cap with visor ( optional )
• Rain suit or poncho. ( recommended for extra long ride especially in cold conditions)
• Footwear —sandals with ankle support for river use  ( essential )
• Shirts — one long or one short sleeve shirt.
• Shorts – ( recommended )
• Sunglasses secured with adjustable retainer ( recommended for xtra long Ride )
• Sunscreen lotion
• Towel and change cloth including a dry pair of footwear 


Frequently Asked Questions of White water Rafting Pahalgam

1. How Safe is the Trip ?
If you go with a registered commercial white water operator like Snowman Adventures – Rafting is safe as driving your car. As with all adventure activities, there is an inheritant element of risk .Snowman Adventures has an impeccable operational records. Finger crossed! No accidents! So far so good! This is due to our planning, delivery of trips, our equipment is of highest quality, and our river raft guides are trained professionals

2. Is there a chance of falling out of raft?
It is very unlikely but there is a certain degree of possibility falling out of raft while hitting the rapids.
Your will briefed about what position you must take at the time of hitting a rapid by your trained raft guide on pre departure briefing.

3. Are there any experts to take care of the raft.?
There are two raft professional trained guides who will take care of the the raft.

4. Do we Paddle as well?
Paddling by you is not required as it s simply a joy ride of only 30 minutes. You just sit there, hold on the ropes and enjoy lot of fun and thrill as your raft goes through lots of white water. Paddling is needed when we go for days and days of rafting through some technical rapids for which ever body get basis training for half a day.

5. What happens if we fall out of raft?
Falling out our the raft is a lot fun for some people but then nothing to really worry about ! In case if do fall out ,you will be rescued within no time back to your raft by our raft guide who have been trained for rescue operation. You will be wearing high flotation PFD (personal flotation device) more commonly known as a life jacket and helmet. You will be briefed about what position you must float in the water in case you fall out in your pre departure rafting ride.

6. What to do if I get wet?
Well, you need a change of clothes at the end of the trip for sure. We suggest you come to the rafting point with your change of clothes from hotel especially if you are coming from Pahalgam and do bring a set of clothes for change at the end of your trip at the finishing point. We do have change rooms at the finishing point. We do also have change rooms at the put in point of rafting for change.

7. What sort of shoe wear should I use?
The strapped scandals are best for water rafting. but if you do not have them with you ,you can go bear food but avoid using shoes as they can get wet and may take long time before they get dry again for your use.

8. Is water cold?
Yep , the water is really cold as its source is glacier not far from the put in point.

9. What happens if the raft is punctured?
No worry. As you know each raft has eight separate air chamber .if one gets punctured it is no problem. You will still be safe.

10. Will there be any Raft Guides on the raft?
There will be two raft guides on each raft to ensure you have a safe ride

11. Should I carry my camera, mobile, and wallet with me?
No! Please leave your wallet and mobile in your vehicle as it of no use on the raft in fact it can get wet

12. How should we get back here?
You do not need to come back here. Your vehicle will pick you up at the finishing point.

13. What age is permissible for rafting?
Children below 12 years and adults above 60 years age and also people with cardiac problem, and are not allowed by the order of J & K Tourism. The pregnant women are advised not to take this ride.

14. What should we do and not to do while rafting?
Prior to your trip, the rafts guides will brief you about what to do and not to do.

15. What is included in your charges?
Please refer to trip inclusions.

16. What is the best clothing for rafting?
A dress which is very comfortable like short, tee-shirt and strapped sandals .Women in sari and men in dhoti are not allowed to take this ride. Avoiding skin tight jeans are not recommended for this ride too

17. How long is the distance?
It is approximately 2.5 Km long.

18. How much time it takes per ride?
1 hour process from boarding until fishing which includes gearing up with life jacket and helmet and a short briefing. But the actual ride is 30 minutes

19. What are the charges per ride?
Rs. 350 / per person per ride by the order of J & K Tourism.

20. Are there any Discounts?
Sorry! No discounts as the rate are fixed by J & K Tourism.

21. Who should not take this adventure?
People with heart problems, overweight, pregnant women, women in sari, men in dhoti and people with fear for water should not take this ride.